A quest to inspire design

Oke, het is een soort van verkapte reclame voor de App van NIKE. Maar, het is dan ook wel een goed idee.

“What will happen is a quest through Amsterdam with Nalden sticking ‘Inspiration is Everywhere’ stickers on some inspiring spots.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been spoiled with 10 Nike ID full discount codes. Meaning; a free pair of ID’s plus delivery. The following days I’ll stick these ‘Inspiration is Everywhere’ stickers (pictured) at some inspiring locations in Amsterdam. I’ll give hints about the spots on the twitta. First who finds the sticker, make a photo and email / tweet this to me, wins the full discount code, which you can use to immediately order a pair via the iPhone app. So, if you’re up for a little quest, follow me on twitter and charge your phone so you’ll be able to e-mail or tweet right on the spot! ” bron: NALDEN

Erg NICE quest Nalden!

Helaas is het min of meer al afgelopen. Dus deze post is voornamelijk bedoeld ter inspiratie. Mocht je er toch nog wat mee willen… dat kan:

It’s done! A few weeks ago I started an experiment with a quest via my blog and twitta for NikeID to push not only their new iPhone app but mainly creativity. Most of them were found really quick, others weren’t found at all and are still hidden, somewhere in Amsterdam. The last ID sticker is located in a well known alley, filled with color, as you can see above. The ones with the best design via the NikeID app will get the last discount code. Happy hunting!


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