Yuppies of the early 21st century

Yuppies of the early 21st century have many nicknames. One of these, coined by journalist David Brooks, is Bourgois Bohemian, or Bobo. The Bobos are professionals, mainly in the field of information, who combine the bohemian and green values of the 1960s with the materialism and career-centredness of the 1980s. “The successful people of this age are the ones who have succeeded in turning ideas and feelings into products”, Brooks writes. He says that the Bobos have one foot in the creative bohemian world and the other in the world of bourgeois ambitions and worldly success. The bohemian nature of the Bobos does not exclude ambition, nor does their bourgeois identity translate into narrow-mindedness. Bobos can be bohemian rebels and bourgeois climbers, morally liberal and fiscally conservative, environmentally aware and trend conscious, all at the same time.

They’re the new ‘enlightened élite’ of the information age, their lucratively busy lives a seeming synthesis of comfort and conscience, corporate success and creative rebellion. Well-educated thirty-to-fortysomethings, they have forged a new social ethos from a logic-defying fusion of 1960s counter-culture and 1980s entrepreneurial materialism.

Bobo’s are the new upper class


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